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Illustris is a boutique, referral based, live music & event entertainment firm. With 45 years of experience, clearly we love what we do & our primary goal is to assure your event is dynamic & executed with precision & excellence! If you’re here, you’re no doubt looking for unique, strategically targeted, full service, high caliber professional entertainment, event productions, promotions, booking or consulting or total event management.

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Festival/ Venue/ Show & Event Consulting: If you’re a business, a non-profit, a venue or an individual planning a first-time event/ festival or wanting to expand an existing event, where do you start? How do you evaluate your readiness for growth and how to execute smart growth? What are the goals of your event? Do you intend the event as a marketing tool, a fundraiser, as a source of revenue? What vibe are you looking to create? Are you looking at Indoor or Outdoor settings? What may be some creative ways to grow a tight budget? There is no event anywhere that is without risk of some sort, but Illustris will help you mitigate that risk using our diverse, national experiences, market demographics, industry relationships and knowledge and professional expertise to support your individual event/ festival goals and desires.

Artists Consulting: Musicians are often busy people and in today’s industry there are so many options. The choices can feel confusing, even conflicting and seem daunting. Navigating the complex maze of today’s music industry can have the most savvy, talented musicians feeling like they’re chasing their tail. We’re here to help you stop chasing your tail and achieve results.

Ms. Hatcher is an invaluable asset to any organization, not just because of her management skills at running a venue, which are irrefutable & self evident, but because of her ‘big picture’ national experience at presenting shows in theater bid & small, in markets both major and tertiary, and in various part of the country including the Northeast, Southeast & Midwestern parts of the country in venues encompassing theaters, arenas & amphitheaters, as well as doing non-concert event for both private sector and Federal Government – National Artists Corporation